Gombe General Hospital

Gombe Hospital

Location: Gombe, Butambala, Central Uganda

Population: 250,000

Area size: 20472kms.  Including Gomba, Mityana and Mpigi districts

The hospital receives an average of 180 patients daily and has 100 beds. It supervises 21 health centres, receives around 1200 referrals and refers 200 cases to National referral hospitals each year.

There are 6 general physicians, 35 nurses and a total of 125 employees


  • OPD
  • Male Ward General
  • Female Ward General
  • Paediatric Ward
  • Maternity Ward

Palliative care was introduced in Gombe Hospital about seven years ago by MHO in collaboration with Hospice, Uganda.

The objectives of the hospital for Palliative care include:

  • To alleviate pain and suffering of clients who report to health facility in need of care and support.
  • To equip and train hospital staff with skills in palliative care.
  • To ensure that oral morphine is available for all who need it.
  • To increase community awareness of Palliative care through health education and advocacy.

Gombe hospital works in partnership with the Palliative Care Associations of Uganda (PCAU) and the VHTs in the community to ensure that continuum of care is maintained.