Ndola Central Hospital



Location: Zambia Copperbelt

Estimated population: 514.000

The hospital serves a wide catchment area in the 3rd largest city of Zambia and is a tertiary referral hospital for northern Zambia. Ndola is an 800 bed University teaching hospital under Copperbelt University.

Palliative Care is at the stage of integration and early stages of advocacy.  The Palliative Care Team is led by Dr Gilbert Musangu with around twelve other members of staff including Doctors, Nurses, a social worker, pharmacist and teacher of nursing.  All staff currently have full time jobs outside their palliative care commitments.  There is no budget for palliative care.

The hospital faces challenges in terms of the high number of patients and considerable pressure on the trained staff.

Some Palliative Care objectives of the hospital are:

  • Alleviate pain and suffering of patients
  • Hospital recognition of Palliative Care training
  • Dedicated time for staff to care for Palliative Care patients
  • Referral pathways
  • Record keeping

Ndola central hospital works in partnership with PCAZ and APCA