The University of Edinburgh is working in partnership with Makarere University in Uganda and THET (The Tropical Health and Education Trust) to integrate palliative care into health systems across Sub Saharan Africa. 12 hospitals throughout the region have been trained in key areas of palliative medicine and UK based Palliative Care professionals are working as mentors to help build confidence and to reinforce learning.


Our mentors work alongside African hospital professionals, seeking to provide encouragement and guidance as well as to make a practical contribution to communities in need.  In doing this they aim to expand their own expertise and knowledge of how health systems work in different contexts. Mentors come from many disciplines in the medical profession (doctors, nurses, social workers, researchers, and systems managers) all motivated by a desire to share their skills and knowledge in supporting palliative care programming in Africa.

Each mentor, working on a voluntary basis, commits to at least one trip of 2-3 weeks to a hospital in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda or Zambia.  In addition, the mentors maintain contact with their partner hospitals for a period of two years in order to reinforce the support offered whilst on placement.  There is also a process in place for mentors to feedback to practice and policy makers in the UK.

Mentor support

All mentors are supported by the Project team based in the University of Edinburgh to ensure they are confident and ready for the task of being a mentor. There are opportunities for mentors to learn first-hand from returning mentors and to network with each other, sharing experiences and concerns.

Mentor Programme Management

The THET mentor programme is coordinated by Mentorship Hub Manager,                         Mary Robertson

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