Buying a Prebuilt PC is Okay, But You’re Missing Out

It’s never been easier to build a PC. The guides are enormously helpful to the point that you’ll be confused with how much information they provide. It’s actually a bit intimidating at first, but if you process all the information you see, you’ll know that building a PC is simple. All you have to remember is that help is always available, whether from you local PC technicians or in forums. You’ll never be lost.

You can also let professional builders do it yourself, and get a prebuilt gaming PC. This was looked over before because there weren’t that many reputable builders. Now, builders like iBuyPower, CyberPowerPC and Falcon Northwest has grown in integrity that it won’t be a 50/50 if you hired them to build your PC. As a PC builder myself, I would get their services if they were available when I first started.


Alleviating the Stress

One of things all the first-time PC builders experience is the uncertainty. Lots of it. You don’t know if your system will boot properly, if everything is compatible, or if you bent anything on your motherboard. There’s nothing more satisfying than putting all the components together, and seeing your gaming PC boot up to the BIOS menu. There’s also nothing more disappointing in being careful in everything, and not seeing your labor pay off. That means you did something wrong, and since first-timers still can’t pinpoint where the issue is due to inexperience, you’ll probably be forced to reconnect everything. I can’t count how many times I had to reconnect the power connectors to the motherboard or change the RAM sticks. Either I panicked or misjudged the situation, the thing was I still didn’t know fully what I was doing.

These professional builders can take all that away, for a little bit of a premium. We often pay a premium to not do some things ourselves, like washing our car or doing our grocery, and it’s not different in building a PC. Considering that it can be technically difficult to build a PC, not having that headache is something you’ll appreciate.

Furthermore, this growth of PC builders aren’t just because they got good. Earlier this year, these companies offered an indirect discount to PC builders because of the price rise in GPUs. The bitcoin mining was responsible for the spectacular inflation. So, either the builders got ahold of large GPU supplies earlier or there were already a lot of prebuilt PC requests before, they were offering entire systems for a little over what a GPU alone would cost. That was when all the PC news outlet went wild in suggesting that people should have their gaming PCs built. These companies have never looked back ever since, releasing well-reviewed gaming PCs.

It also helps that they offer a few additions to their builds that essentially erases the premium you’ll pay. These prebuilts come with a keyboard, mouse, and Windows 10. Depending on how much you’ll plan to spend on your peripherals, have a set that comes free is a great deal. Not everyone needs a mechanical keyboard or an MMO mouse, so give these peripheral sets a chance. All in all, the only thing you have to buy is an antivirus license, and even that can be bypassed.



You’re Missing Out, Though

You know those headaches that come with building your PC? It’s something that makes you more knowledgeable than your average techie. You can actually say that you built, and are using, a machine. So, as easy as ordering a PC makes your life easier, it removes the all-important experience of putting things together and knowing how your PC work.

But, these companies offer technical support and for you to ship the unit back if you can’t fix the problem yourself, right? This is actually brilliant, but returning an entire unit after using it for a few months because something went awry in your system is a lot bigger headache than just figuring out if you’ve connected the PSU cables to the right ports. It’s inconvenient, and if this PC is your main driver, you could be away from important files because you didn’t foresee the problem.

These all seem trivial, but read any guide about building PCs. These guys always encourage building your PC because it’s still the best way. You can control the cost down to the last dollar, and there’s a very rewarding experience in putting the parts together. You’ll also know how to install Windows, figure out your PC’s Bluetooth and WiFi connection, configure everything yourself, and make this PC your own. Trust me that these things will feel a lot better once they actually happen to you.

In my years of building PCs, one of the surprisingly fruitful experiences I had is about drivers. I was scared of upgrading drivers at first because there were so many warnings that if you do it wrong or if there was a sudden power interruption, you could brick your system. But when I actually tried to do it, I found myself overpreparing so much that I know exactly why I chose this update and what this update contains. I’ve made a habit of it, reading about any update in any device I own. It’s made of more aware of why these updates are necessary, and why they were needed in the first place. I loved that I learned this from building PCs.

You’ll also learn to separate yourself from the obnoxious PC gamers who think it’s so superior to build your system. I never knew I was the helpful kind, until I found myself signing up for an account at Tom’s Hardware to answer simplistic questions about PC building nobody bothered to answer.


These things, among others, are why I love PC building. Whether you put it together yourself or let someone do it for you, the end-game is different: to game like nobody else does, to see the games at their best and have something that can handle your personal and professional needs. If these things are what you want, it doesn’t matter if your PC is prebuilt or self-built. Either way, enjoy it.

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