Can You Detect a GPS Tracking System on Your Car?

The world is becoming more connected by the day. Many people are concerned about their privacy and the thought of being under surveillance without their knowledge. Therefore, it’s natural to wonder if you can detect a GPS tracking system in your car. The YouTube video explores auto anti theft GPS tracking devices and how to identify one in your vehicle.

How to Detect a GPS Tracking Device


Finding a GPS tracking device on your vehicle is surprisingly easy if you know where to look or have the tools to find it. Your first option is a visual inspection of your car.

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Conduct a thorough inspection of your car and pay attention to unusual or suspicious-looking objects inside or attached to the exterior of your vehicle. Look for small boxes, wires, or magnets.


Your next option is an electronic sweep of the car. You can use a radio frequency detector (RF) or bug sweeper. These devices detect a signal emitted from the GPS device. Alternatively, you can install a GPS detector app on your smartphone or tablet. The app scans for GPS signals and provides real-time alerts.


Sometimes, a vehicle is sold with an auto anti theft GPS tracking device. If you’d like to find out if your vehicle has a tracking device, you can employ any of the methods listed in the article. Alternatively, you can review the YouTube video for a GPS tracker product review.

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