Debunking Myths in Online Marketing for Better Understanding

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What might seem like an easy marketing strategy can get a bit complicated when misinformation becomes prevalent. Most marketing specialists will usually put a lot of time and energy into thinking if a particular plan works. Of course, data also plays a vital role in the formation of critical strategy and marketing campaigns.

There’s only one complication regarding these strategies: if competing marketing departments aren’t using a particular process, then that only means that it’s not “effective.” In reality, this is a false statement, since the whole premise of marketing is to get creative with captivating your target audience.

Where Did These Myths Come From?

With new technological innovations introduced every year, the ability to make our target audience more aware of a particular brand, product, or service has never been more effortless. But technological advancement can also be a double-edged sword. Since vying for engagements and conversions on the internet can be a highly-competitive environment, most marketing departments are poised to integrate newer strategies and platforms while leaving behind “obsolete” methods.

The marketing community needs to be able to adapt to different changes in the social climate. A part of this is using other platforms and software that can help cater to a broader audience. Thus, sensing the ebb and flow of what people are using will also help optimize marketing strategies.

It’s usually because of this “optimizing” approach that most marketing firms tend to phase out individual strategies for newer and more “efficient” ones. While some techniques are deemed useful, some have been phased out but are still viable marketing ways. Usually, these misconceptions will breed myths in the industry.

Debunking Misconceptions

No worries, we’re here to debunk these myths and misinformation be clearing up any uncertainty.

E-Mail Has Been Phased Out

E-mail marketing is one of the oldest known forms of online marketing. However, E-mail marketing has died down in the past few years since marketing strategists are now using various ways of reaching out to potential engagements. In reality, E-mail marketing plays an integral role in marketing campaigns, especially recipients eager to hear news about your campaign.

On average, professionals will check their E-mail 15 times in a day, which means that they can’t miss out on that one newsletter or particularly-crafted E-mail that you sent to them on that day. Thus, E-mails are still worth your time and effort.

When managing a domain that will be getting a fair amount of traffic, it can also become a prime target for entities that have malicious intent of gaining sensitive information and data. That said, it’s only appropriate that you invest in an IT support company that can help provide top-of-the-line security and upgrades, while also incorporating relevant technological innovations to optimize your systems.

Blog Posts Can Be Biased

Business team discussing projectA common misconception about content marketing is that it will usually lean towards hard selling products. In reality, most blog posts are geared towards giving the right information to the audience. Although there might be external links that will help funnel engagement towards another site, it’s not necessarily the end-goal for most content marketers.

Additionally, it depends on the content being marketed and what type of audience is being targeted. If you’re running a business blog, it’s bound to lean towards making sales and increasing engagement rather than discussing how eco-friendly products can save the environment. In almost any situation, there will always be a form of bias.

Still, it’s important to note that content writers always try to stay true to the information they give and remain neutral, if possible.

Keeping Secrets Can Have an Advantage

Another myth related to content and social media marketing is that most businesses won’t try to divulge information that might give other competing companies an advantage.

In this day and age, almost any product, service, and marketing strategy can be reverse-engineered to its most basic form. Thus, there’s no need to hide any secrets from the audience. Most of the time, your target audience will appreciate it, knowing that your brand is interactive and transparent.

In summary, online marketing is about giving what your audience wants most: information and entertainment. Most businesses and employers want to manage and regulate the content their marketing department would put up. However, it’s still important to give them a good range of movement with their content.

Again, you should note that marketing is all about being creative with how you want to get your target audience’s attention. Staying within the status quo can only lead to stale content that people might overlook.

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