Grow Your Business by Improving Customer Service

customer service

The key to creating a trust and loyalty between your brand and your customers is by improving support services. Regardless of your product’s quality, you’ll be driving your customers away if their experience with your company and staff is less than pleasant.
To keep customers coming back to you, improve your customer service with these tips:

Make It Easier For Them To Contact You

On your website, list down all your contact information, such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses, to make it easy for them to reach you for questions and complaints. Go the extra mile and change to an 03 phone number.

In 2007, Ofcom introduced 03 numbers for businesses and organizations. When customers dial an 03 number, they’re charged with the same cost as an 01 or 02 number. That’s because 03 numbers are non-geographic, which means that they’re not tied to any particular location.

Businesses with 03 numbers give their customers the confidence to phone when there’s a problem with the transaction that they had without worrying about paying extra for the phone call. This way, you can keep your customers happy and avoid any potential bad press from the get-go.

Train Your Team

Hire a skilled staff capable of dealing with confused or even angry customers. Emphasise the importance of empathy and patience.

They should also have good communication skills. They should be able to speak to dozens of strangers every day – on the phone, e-mail, or live chat – confidently. They should seek to appease the customers concerns or complaints and never let them leave dissatisfied.

While it’s okay to have a script available for your staff to read, they should be greatly familiar with the products and services. This will allow them to answer the questions that the customer may have in the shortest possible time. They should know where to seek answers to questions they’re not familiar with.

Make sure to monitor the performance of your team so you can address any shortcomings. At the end of the correspondence, you may ask the customer to rate the interaction so you know that their concerns were properly addressed.


Ask For Feedback

You should make your customers feel like you listen to them. When an item is frequently sent back, you have to understand why and make improvements.

Never respond angrily to customer complaints, especially on social media. If a customer leaves a negative comment or review, let your trained staff handle it. They’re better equipped when it comes to responding to complaints calmly and in a way that will not exacerbate any existing negative emotions.

Reward Good Performance

Your customers support team is vital to the operation and success of your business. Dealing with often angry customers every day is not easy. Strive to make them feel valued.

You can introduce incentives to top performers to motivate them to continue doing good work.

Keeping your customers happy will not only encourage to come back and buy your products or services again, they’re also likely to recommend your business to their friends and family. Your customers will help your business grow and, even if new competitors emerge, you can be assured that they will be loyal to you.

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