Online Marketing Channels That Will Rock 2022

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Marketers use social media platforms to promote their products, brands, and business because it allows them to reach a vast audience easily. Hence, the trend of using social media will continue in 2022, so you’ll have to be ready. In this digital era, having a minimal online presence on social media will already be helpful for your brand’s growth and promotion. You’ll only get minimal opportunities if you don’t promote and sell.

Due to the pandemic affecting everyone, most are uncomfortable with visiting markets or grocery stores, so they’ve shifted to shopping and purchasing online. Here’s a list of social media channels that will benefit nearly all business marketing agencies next year:

Facebook: Outdated but Still Useful

Facebook is still one of the most popular and used social media platforms, with nearly 6+ billion users. Its fame is the reason this platform is still dominating the marketing industry. Nearly all have a Facebook account. Using this platform is excellent for both paid promotions and organic reach. Furthermore, it can provide you with features to interact with your audience deeply. It can be through published stories or live videos.

Facebook Ad is the best approach to help you reach people who aren’t familiar with your brand yet but are in your target audience. Facebook is excellent for turning potential customers into real ones.

Twitch: The Future of Live Streaming

Twitch refers to a new live streaming platform that allows content creators to interact with their audience in real-time. Most video game enthusiasts use this platform. It’s an excellent choice for those who can benefit from this approach because it allows you to record yourself while working while your audience can watch and interact by giving you live feedback. It has 30+ million visitors daily, mostly 16 to 40 years old.

You’ll have to consider investing in Twitch to promote your brand if your target audience is within that age range. You can also use Twitch to connect with your audience more deeply, making it the best choice if your business follows B2C strategies. You can earn on this platform through donations, ads, or subscriptions like influencer marketing.

It can be helpful if you’re a blogger, video game creator, chef, personal trainer, life coach, musician, or individual who provides non-material products and services.

Tiktok: A Trending Online Platform

TikTok is another social media platform popular for shorter video content in repetitive loops. Other countries might not have access to it due to its infamous image. But it’s popular among Gen Z. It also offers an advertising service that you can utilize without a marketing team. But it can still be expensive because its price starts at $10 per 1000 videos, and those views can quickly pile up.

You can also invest in more expensive options, including exclusive timed hashtags, showing your ad wherever campaign materials are available. Or, you can work with an influencer to advertise your brand on their respective accounts. Using TikTok might benefit you if you’re in the publishing, entertainment, or publishing industry. TikTok is also famous for its high return on investment, which is why marketers still want to invest in their TikTok campaigns or increase their investment in 2022.

Pinterest: Excellent for Link Building

Using Pinterest is another innovative way to promote your brand because it’s a visual search engine and social media combined into one. It’s also an excellent alternative for connecting with your potential customers because many people use this platform to find inspiration. Including Pinterest in your marketing strategy means using plans that will help your brand reach a larger audience because it’s the fourteenth biggest network globally, with 400+ million active monthly users.

In creating campaign materials for Pinterest, you’ll have to prepare high-quality visual content to promote your brand. You should pair it with a descriptive but fun copy that will further enhance your strategies and encourage your audience to take action.

YouTube: One Huge Search Engine
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Online users know that YouTube is the second largest search engine. It’s an excellent video-sharing platform with billions of active users, and millions of them are using it daily. It’s a perfect choice for deepening your connection with your audience. Your customers can comment, rate, or share your uploaded videos. Your followers can even subscribe to your channel, allowing them to get notified of your new content.

“How to” or tutorial videos are the most popular content on this platform, which will bring you lots of attention. Make sure to take advantage of this trend and deliver an informative video that educates users about your brand or product. You can also pair YouTube with Google Ads, giving your marketing team the option to spend more money getting more views or using the right keywords for a higher organic SEO ranking.

Building your social media presence is the first step towards success, regardless of owning a well-known product or a small-scale company. Over time, platforms and trends will change, but social media will always remain the most effective bond between your brand and your audience.

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