Outsourcing Business Services – Is it Worth it?

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Outsourcing business services is not always a popular idea amongst traditional businessmen and businesswomen. After all, outsourced business services are intuitively expensive-sounding activities and ventures. In many countries, outsourcing has always been correlated to cheap labor to get the same results. The trend lately is that more and more companies are opting to move their manufacturing to a country or area where taxes are low, and labor is cheap.

One of the greatest examples of this is both the Chinese and Indian powerhouses. Both these countries are competing to become the cheapest labor force in the whole world. Their governments have invested so much in maintaining several people in the workforce that the workforce is spilling over to white-collar jobs as well. The Chinese and Indian population are known around the world as one of the smartest and brightest minds in recent history. Their cream of the crop is a handful of people amongst billions. Their best is probably the best in the world.

Many companies are against outsourcing because it is a cheap way to cut out labor. It also gives companies an opt-out when it comes to providing benefits. Instead of opting for a sizeable workforce in your own locality, outsourcing diminishes the quality of jobs within a particular region. Work becomes diluted to either the extremely low-paying or purely white-collar jobs. Outsourcing has changed the culture of education as well. As less and less value is placed on hard labor work, the only chance you have in life to succeed is to bury yourself in debt and go through college.

There are many positive points, however, on why you should consider outsourcing business services.

Integration of Technology

Like the integration of cultures, the integration of two different types of technology is one good side effect of outsourcing business services. In the United States, the Hoover Dam was built in 1937 with the help of many foreign renewable energy contractors that have sufficient expertise to advise on hydroelectric power.

Japanese ingenuity, combined with American capital and grit, made the Nintendo, one of the earliest gaming consoles in the world, more popular and much more accessible. Thanks to the trust built between two different nationalities through outsourcing, every kid back then had a Nintendo at home.

Expenses are Reduced

Thanks to the difference in living conditions, it is variably cheaper to outsource specific business processes elsewhere – especially if the investor resides somewhere in the first world. Because of the difference between the living conditions in a typical first-world country and a progressively labor-hardy one, it is generally cheaper to provide compensation to outsourced personnel workers. The harsher fact is that you also wouldn’t have to worry about providing benefits for your employees. The laws of the country where common outsourcing companies hail from do not have strict labor benefits laws.

Overhead expenses are reduced in projects that are merely temporary as the variable costs are thrown out the window. Your demands will be tailored fit according to your business needs. It is also in outsourced business services where the latest manufacturing advancements are. Aside from the manual labor, you can get from outsourcing, the most advanced software and hardware available in the market will be offered depending on your needs. Your access to new and advanced resources will be limitless when outsourcing.

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Familiarity is an Advantage

What outsourcing companies do for you is keep your expenses low by consistently offering the latest technological advancement your industry has to offer. Because of outsourcing hubs in different parts of the globe, the exchange of inventions and ideas is expected. All applicable technological advancements are always on the table when outsourcing. The familiarity between nearby hubs is crucial in the exchange of information. Outsourcing hubs are where the latest technology news and trends happen.

Managing Your Risks and Expenses

Outsourcing allows you to manage the risks you are taking as a business owner. Outsourcing gives you a cork on the amount of money you will spend on a particular order. Because of the limited nature of outsourcing, you can focus more on the things that truly matter: like profits and managerial decisions. Expenses are relatively limited as well. Instead of taking a very unwise gamble with an internal investment, an outsourcing venture gives you a preview of what you can do but on a limited risk of losing your budget.

Outsourcing has not only a lot of pros but some cons as well. While there is pushback against outsourcing, it is a trend that will never stop gaining momentum.

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