Ozone Machines: Getting Rid of Foul Odours at Home

foul odours at home

Ozone shock treatment is an effective method to get rid of foul odours in a home. It uses commercially produced ozone as the agent that clears up the unwanted odours. Commercial ozone is created by ultraviolet radiation and silent corona discharge. UV ozone generation is similar to the upper layer of the atmosphere of ozone, and the corona discharge resembles the way ozone is created when there is a lightning storm.

UV Generation vs. Silent Corona Discharge

Firms specializing in ozone treatment in the UK warn that UV generation involves mercury, and this creates an issue with mercury disposal after use. The silent corona discharge, on the other hand, creates more ozone and is regarded as the most efficient mode of creating ozone.

The silent corona method uses oxygen, a generator, dust filters, a contact unit and a torch destructor. The filters and dryers clean the ozone and oxygen, which is created from the cleaned oxygen with the use of an electrical discharge like that of a lightning storm. It splits the oxygen molecule, and these molecules will then attach to oxygen and create O3. This O3 is diffused in a room.

What Do Ozone Treatments Eliminate?

Cigarette Smoke

Ozone shock treatments are used to treat foul odours like cigarette smoke. This will help clean the air in your rooms. The ozone oxidation cleaning method will eliminate the foul odour at an atomic level.

Pet Odour

Ozone can also remove the stench created by your pets. This includes the smell of pet urine. Cats and dogs often urinate at home and can leave a very strong smell, which is difficult to remove even with the use of strong bleach or other chemical cleaning products. Ozone shock treatments can help get rid of the odour for you.

Bacteria, Allergens and Mould

Ozone is an environment-friendly molecule that can help oxidize odour. It is 100% safe especially when handled by pros, and they often revert to oxygen in as little as 20-30 minutes. The process excludes any form of chemicals.

Ozone treatments can also help kill harmful bacteria, moulds, mildew and allergens. This is very useful for new moms and their babies. They have to live an environment that is free from allergens and bacteria for health safety reasons.

How Is Ozone Created?

living room

Ozone is created with the aid of energy. Energy is utilized on oxygen, which splits the O2 molecules. When split into oxygen atoms, they now have to bond. They join together with another oxygen molecule and thus form ozone.

When ozone finds an organic smell, it will oxidize the smell and break that bond. You are then left with the oxygen molecule. The leftover ozone is unstable and will revert to the oxygen. Ozone is said to be 3,000 times stronger than bleach or chlorine in disinfecting surroundings. The use of ozone is very safe when performed by a professional ozone team.

How Long Will an Ozone Treatment Take?

Home ozone shock treatments can last long, as it needs to build up to help saturate a room. The treatment can last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours depending on the size of the rooms and the home. Ozone treatments can leave a smell that can eventually dissipate in 1 to 2 days. The smell left from ozone treatments is not harmful to humans or pets.

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