Productive and Fun Ways to Use a 3D Printing Machine

3D printer printing a ball

Technology is a big part of most of our lives. It is hard to find a situation where we do not use one form of it. If we need to get to a far destination for a vacation, we may use something like our own car to get there. If one does not have a car, they could always book a ridesharing service through their smartphone.

And with the smartphone, we can communicate with other people, whether offline or online using the internet. While using the internet, we are then exposed to different websites, advertisements, and content.

Such exposure might then influence our decisions that we make like wanting to go to on a vacation in a far destination. And so, the cycle goes on and on and takes different forms and shapes. One exciting form of technology that is available now is the 3D printing machine.

3D printing?

Think of 3D printing as a way for people to print realistic models and items that are ready for use right after printing. A great example of its use is to create a physical output of a computer-rendered product. This gives researchers and designers a better look at how developing products will look like, how it would interact with other parts, and so on.

But that is the more research-based side of 3D printing. For ordinary folks, just how does it benefit them? These machines are not cheap. Sourcing spare parts for a Makerbot product are also hard to find.

So here are a few productive and fun ways to use a 3D printing machine.

For the makers

3d printer

People dabbling in manufacturing can heavily benefit from such a machine. Even those whose specialities lie in repairs and restoration. As long as you have the right specifications for the part you need, you can easily have it printed for your use.

Other people already use 3D printed plastic parts in their builds and repairs, so why shouldn’t you? Or if you really needed a specific part and you could not afford the part from the store, or you cannot wait for the delivery time, this is when the 3D printing machine comes in handy.

You only need to wait for a few minutes or hours and you will have your desired part in no time.

For those who want to have fun

You have a machine that can practically create anything you need within its constraints. Sure, the practical use of it is there, but you can also have some fun with it. You can 3D print a new cellphone case with the design and colour that you want.

You can create miniature models of certain models of cars, trains, aeroplanes, and everything else. If you have the skills to create realistic renders of people, you could even create miniature dolls of yourself, your friends, and family members. Now that is something that would be exciting to receive on Christmas, right?

As long as you have the vision for it, you can create anything you want or need with a 3D printing machine. However, such a machine is expensive to purchase and maintain. So make sure that you have enough budget to fund this new and exciting venture of yours.

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