Shopping Etiquette: Making the Internet a Better Place for Shopping

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Online shopping is one of life’s modern-day conveniences. It’s nice to know that you do not have to brave the traffic to buy that highly-anticipated toy or gadget. Just go to the Internet, make a few clicks, and then wait for the order to arrive right at your doorstep. And, of course, as with physical stores, you are always out looking for a bargain. You can use a price-tracking tool for that. This can scour various websites that offer discounts and special deals to score something great at the lowest price.

Online shoppers also have the option to leave feedback or comments for the seller. This helps the seller improve their service. Also, this helps fellow shoppers, as this is another source of information for them. If the product description is not enough for them, they can turn to the comments to read actual people’s experiences with the item. It’s just human nature to listen to someone who is at the same level.

But as far as comments go, you should not say anything you want. This is part of the online shopper’s etiquette. Here are other things that you need to know for the betterment of your and others’ experiences:

Be Clear

Sometimes it can be frustrating to browse the feedback section and then find that a comment is not relevant to the product itself. A lot of times, people would like to comment about how long the product is shipped. Some people can let this pass and are more concerned about an item’s features or build quality.

If you can state the real issue in the title or subject line of your comment, that will be great. It will save others time who are looking for specific information. On the other hand, this can also be a point where the merchants or online stores can improve on. If the site does not have a feature to sort out different types of comments, then they should think about implementing that in the future.

Support the Little Guys

online shopping

There can be times when you have spent so much time finding a specific item, and it is only available to a seller who either is new to the business or with a smaller presence. If you manage to place an order with them and successfully receive it without any problems, do your part in helping them grow by leaving them good feedback. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and many of these sellers get lost in the shuffle because of the lack of feedback. Giving them one would put them on the board, so to speak. And this will give them the chance to show how good of a seller they are.

Acknowledge Helpful Comments

Most online stores will let you tag comments or feedback as helpful or not. This is an act that will be appreciated by other shoppers. Review bombing is a thing now, and this can drown out the voices of those who really have something meaningful to say. Tagging the helpful ones will let them rise up above the others. This way, they will have a bigger chance to be read.

You should not be scared to shop online. There are measures that reputable stores are doing to protect you from misinformation and fraud. Also, make it a point to do your part in helping the community. Everyone can make a difference and make online shopping a more enjoyable experience.

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