SMS’ Strong Points for Connecting and Marketing Your Business

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In a time where information and communication are readily available, texting or SMS seems to be taking a back seat. However, many experts, especially marketing professionals, agree that texting is still as relevant as it was two decades ago. SMS marketing has been making a comeback, helping businesses reach out to customers without going online.

Since SMS is still a useful tool in marketing your business, here are some insights on how to utilize it to your advantage.

It’s Cost-Effective

What makes text marketing so enticing? It’s affordable,  and there is no need for a considerable team to deploy it. You can use existing marketing strategies to send messages to your customers and target audiences. It’s easy to set schedules when sending SMS to them. This simple strategy isn’t intrusive, and consumers will likely appreciate the timed messages as these won’t affect their daily routines. Also, you can use an SMS archiving program to help you store important messages for future marketing use.

Scalable Results

Marketing campaigns via SMS are easier to monitor because of text responses. For instance, when you text promotional discount code to your customers, interested parties would visit your website or mobile app and use that discount code. It’s now easier to track your campaign’s progress in real-time. Also, you can use that campaign’s progress or results to revise your approach and refine your future SMS strategies.

Simple and Straightforward

Consumers are bombarded with tons of digital noise, such as pop-up ads, while they’re online. These marketing strategies can be annoying and affect their overall customer experience. SMS marketing removes these digital distractions by keeping sending simple messages.

The basic rule is: customers want everything straightforward without the jargon. They don’t want to be force-fed with a bunch of information and prefer to read messages at their own convenience. Think of it as giving them an option to think about what you have to offer. That’s a simple gesture to build their trust and gain their confidence in your business.

No Data Available? No Problem!

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Not everyone is connected to the internet, 24/7. Some people still prefer to stay offline for a couple of hours a day. They won’t use their data connection just to read promotional materials or advertisements on social media. In this case, SMS plays a vital role in reaching out to these offline markets. The chances of them seeing your marketing text blast are higher than forcing them to go online. Plus again, text messages aren’t intrusive like pop-up ads online. Consumers can simply choose to read the message when they want to — not while reading a news article or an important email online.

In a way, text marketing, in the digital age, feels special and personal. SMS helps you connect with your customers to engage them effectively. Customers can focus on what your business is all about and what you have to offer. They feel important due to the “personal touch” of a 160-character message on their smartphones. No annoying online advertisements – it only involves aa simple text message for them to review and ponder on.

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