Startup Essentials: Types of Software Every Small Business Needs

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When starting a small business, you’d need every help you can get to manage your operations, maximize your resources, and build your business’ name and connections. This is why business software has become quite popular not only for medium and large companies, but for small businesses as well. The right software can help you maximize your potential, save costs, and make your operations easier to manage and streamline.

Luckily, there is numerous business software for small businesses to take advantage of without breaking back ranging from free accounting systems to affordable custom-made software.

Basic Office Suite

Regardless of what type of business you have, you’d need to have word-processing software, spreadsheet software, presentation software, and email tools. You’ll be using these for a wide range of business processes such as contacting suppliers and customers, making letters and presentations, printing out instructions, and keeping track of costs, inventories, and finances. There are many free as well as paid office suites available for your business to use.

Tax and Accounting Software

One of the most intimidating and cumbersome parts of doing business is doing the taxes and finances. So it’s best that you have accounting and tax software to help you manage those aspects of your business, especially if you can’t afford to hire an accountant or simply prefer to do and manage your finances and taxes yourself. These could also include payroll and shift management software so you wouldn’t have to manually keep track and calculate your human resource’s salaries and shifts.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRMs are essential tools to manage your sales and build a strong relationship with your customers through interaction channels. CRM is used to process and analyze customer information, automate sales, do marketing, and strategically plan your business decisions.
Website Building and Social Media Tools

It’s essential for any business nowadays to have their own website as most customers rely on the internet to search for and find companies and businesses offering the products and services they need. As such, you’ll need to have website building tools for you to create a user-friendly, interactive, and aesthetically-pleasing website for your customers to use. You should also use social media marketing tools to manage your business’ social media page and be updated of trends that your business could take advantage of or be wary about.

Communication Software

Communication is important in any business, regardless of size. So it’s important for you to have a communication software where all your staff, and perhaps even vendors and suppliers, could communicate through efficiently.

Custom-Made Software

Although custom-made software would be considered optional than essential for most businesses, a software tailored specifically for your business could be very beneficial by having features that are focused solely on your operations. However, custom-made software could be considered as vital for small-scale manufacturing businesses that are unique and have no similar or appropriate software to use in its operations. You can employ start-up custom or “bespoke” software developers to develop it at an affordable cost.


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Business software is essential for every business; they give you an edge over your competition while, at the same time, help you cut costs and make your business easier to manage. So if you’re planning on starting your own business, or currently managing a new one, you might want to consider getting this basic business software to help you out.

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