These 4 Link Building Strategies are Game Changers

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Link building is the process of making other websites link back to your own website. In terms of digital marketing, this is one of the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) methods to increase site authority and to drive referral traffic.

Search engine algorithms are ever changing, but despite that, backlinks are still one of the many ways to determine which websites rank for certain keywords. The links serve as a signal to Google (and other major search engines) that your website is a quality resource. The more backlinks you put, the better because websites with more backlinks tend to have higher rankings in search results.

Of course, there’s good linking and there’s bad linking. If you truly care about your business, then you should never consider buying links or attaining them through manipulative tactics like black hat SEO.

Link building is still an important part of online marketing strategies despite predictions about its demise in the last couple of years. If you want to gain a competitive advantage in your niche, you should still include this approach to your campaigns.

Experts on white hat link building services cite the following strategies you can apply.

1. Use the Links Your Competitors Have

This approach is a tried and tested strategy that many companies today employ. Do a research on your closest competitors or those at the top of your industry. Peruse their pages to identify the links directing out and to their pages. Reach out to these websites if they want to share links or guest posts. Most importantly, form an alliance or create referral programs for a mutually beneficial partnership.

2. Build on Broken Links

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Study your pages — and those of your competitors — and identify broken links. Once you find them all, figure out what effective ways you can do to revamp the content that used to be there or create new ones to close the loop. This is an old strategy that still works because of its effectiveness. Find as many as you can and fix or update these based on your current ranking and future campaigns.

3. Deep Link Content

You may have several links directing to your homepage, but chances are a visitor has more interest in certain information that resolves their problems or answers their queries. A link building strategy focuses on specific pages of your website. You can use these links when reaching out to potential partners. Integrate a link to a relevant product or page to improve your conversion rate and ranking.

4. Content Marketing

Content is and will remain as the king and queen of link building. First-rate videos, photos, infographics, and articles will always be in demand. Potential guest posts and partnerships revolve around quality content, so keep publishing these and search engines will reward you.

These white hat strategies allow you to reach your intended audience, so you’d better build strong backlinks and boost your page rank. Implement these to stand out in your niche and overcome the competition. If you’re still clueless on what to do, then better ask advice from experts.

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