Types of People You Should Talk to Before Starting a Business

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Starting a business isn’t like following a map that goes from point A to point B. Even if that’s the desired path, you’ll encounter many issues on the way that will urge you to take other routes, go through shortcuts, or sometimes, force you to take the long road.

But at the end of the day, you’ll still arrive at your destination even if your journey takes longer than others. This is what being an entrepreneur is. You’ll be met with a lot of curveballs and unforeseeable circumstances that you should be ready to face. Fortunately, there are people you can turn to for advice, such as:


There’s nothing wrong with not knowing everything there is to know about establishing a business. After all, the entire purpose of doing research and talking to different professionals is so that you can find out what you need before you start your business. So, don’t worry too much because you’re on the right track.

The first type of person who you should speak to is a consultant for finance, accounting, or even IT. Who you talk to first will depend on your weaknesses because these will help organize your priorities. For instance, if you have experience when it comes to filing your taxes and building budgets, but know nothing about IT infrastructures, then you should consult with an IT professional first.

You can also find professional consultants that work in firms that belong to the list of HUBZone-certified companies if you want to help out those in disadvantaged regions at the same time. The point is that if you’re going to find professionals to consult for your business, you should see those with the credentials and experience to guide you.


If you’re truly determined to start a business, you must understand that it comes with a lot of legal documentation and paperwork. That’s why you should consider speaking to a lawyer that can help answer a few questions you have about what kind of business entity or structure you should register as.

It could be good if you can learn about any potential legal issues that may arise over time because you’ll be able to draft up ideas on how to sort them out. This way, if the time comes and you find yourself in the middle of a legal dispute, you won’t have to be clueless because you’ll already know what to do.

Another benefit of speaking to a lawyer before starting a business is that you’ll have someone to guide you with your business relationships. This could refer to the partnerships you have with other entrepreneurs or the borrowing agreement you have with your creditor, to name a few.

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Software Developers

Being a business owner means that you should constantly be on the lookout for modern technologies and innovations that can help make your job easier. It’s not enough to just read about the development trends online when they hit the newspapers; you have to take it one step further and approach the source.

For instance, you can find software development companies that create SaaS products and other cloud computing services that you could use in your business. You can also connect to professionals in these industries, so you’ll get the news about new developments in their industry before it becomes public.

You can do this by connecting to professionals on social networking platforms, following tech journals and news outlets, or attending conventions. There’s no harm in staying up-to-date with the latest and newest developments in the tech industry, so you might want to include developers in the list of people you should talk to before starting your business.

Other Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is hard work, and not only because it has many aspects that you’ll have to manage simultaneously. It’s also difficult because there is no perfect formula to achieve business success. What may have helped one entrepreneur achieve their success may not work for the other, or vice versa.

But just because you can’t follow directly in the footsteps of other entrepreneurs doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them. So, don’t be afraid to approach other business owners and seek their advice. Ask about what tools and techniques they used to get to where they are so that you’ll have an idea of where to start.

Who knows? You might even come across a business owner who’s willing to mentor you until you can stand on your own two feet. This could also be an excellent way to get insider info on potential suppliers, contractors, and other professionals you could approach as you become more familiar with the industry.

Establishing a business from scratch can be a long and winding road. But if you have the right people by your side, it just might make it easier. So, don’t hesitate to ask for help from those around you, especially because most people will be glad to share their knowledge and experience with others.

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