Whats the Proper Way to Use 2 Leg Chain Slings?

Using 2 leg chain slings properly is essential to ensure safety and effectiveness in lifting operations. These slings are designed to distribute the load evenly across two legs, providing increased stability and capacity compared to single leg slings. To use 2 leg chain slings correctly, start by inspecting the sling for any signs of damage or wear before each use. Check for twists, kinks, or broken links that could compromise the integrity of the sling.

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Ensure that the sling is properly rated for the intended load and application.

Next, attach the sling to the lifting points on the load using appropriate hooks, shackles, or other attachments. Make sure that the attachment points are secure and properly aligned to prevent shifting or slipping during lifting. When lifting the load, apply tension evenly to both legs of the sling to maintain balance and stability. Avoid sudden movements or jerks that could cause the load to swing or shift unexpectedly. Use taglines or guide ropes if necessary to control the movement of the load.

During the lifting operation, regularly monitor the condition of the sling and the stability of the load. If any issues arise, such as twisting or uneven tension, stop the lift immediately and address the problem before continuing. After the lift is completed, carefully lower the load to the ground and remove the sling from the lifting points. Inspect the sling again for any damage or wear and store it properly for future use. Following these guidelines will help ensure safe and effective use of 2 leg chain slings in lifting operations.

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