Our Partners


  • The University of Edinburgh Global Health Academy (GHA) provides a framework for collaborative, interdisciplinary research, postgraduate training, educational activities and resources that contribute to strengthening the health resource globally.

The GHA’s key objectives are:

  •  Offer world leading interdisciplinary postgraduate degrees to help combat global  health challenges
  • Engage in global collaborative research to make life better
  • Participate and lead in the creation of global health networks and partnerships

We will also act as a forum for encouraging the sharing of best practice ideas, processes and information.
Please refer to www.ed.ac.uk/global-health

The Edinburgh University Primary Palliative Care Research Group is a multidisciplinary team with strong international links researching to improve end of life care in the community  http://edin.ac/14vvnGn


APCA works with health care providers throughout Africa to relieve the pain and suffering of people with terminal illness. APCA works to ensure terminally ill patients receive the specialist care they need, whether relief from pain and other symptoms or practical and emotional support. As the leader of the palliative care movement in Africa our work has a direct, life-changing impact for millions of men, women and children across the continent.

APCA does this through facilitating education and training and also working to influence policy change.  www.apca.org.uk


The Makerere Palliative Care Unit (MPCU) is  an academic unit within the Department of Medicine, College of Health Sciences at Makerere University, Uganda. They aim to operate a centre of excellence to improve access to quality, evidence-based palliative care for patients and families in need.

To achieve their aims they deliver an integrated clinical service within the national referral hospital site in Uganda; carrying out research, training and capacity-building in collaboration with partners; and developing leaders in Palliative Care.

The  objectives of MPCU are:

  •  Clinical Service Provision. To provide and scale-up an integrated clinical service to patients and families on the Mulago hospital site.
  •  Education and Training. To provide education, training and capacity building for healthcare workers at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  • Advocacy. To enhance and promote academic and clinical credibility for Palliative Care
  • Research. To expand the evidence-base for palliative care by encouraging a research culture, and supporting and initiating research into palliative care in Africa.
  • Sustainability. To develop a well-resourced Palliative Care Unit, with the capacity and infrastructure capable of supporting a sustainable Ugandan-led team.


THET is a specialist global health organisation that educates, trains and supports health workers through global health partnerships, strengthening health systems and enabling people in low and middle income countries to access essential healthcare.

Building on the foundation of a unique UK network, THET seeks to leverage the expertise of skilled health professionals to deliver education, training and support to health workers where it is most critically needed. Their approach develops the professional skills, creativity, leadership and resourcefulness of everyone engaged in the partnership. www.thet.org