An Intro to PIDS Systems and Their Uses

In the video above, the reporter emphasizes the importance of border surveillance for security, specifically focusing on using a perimeter detection system for monitoring green borders and critical civilian and military installations reliably, safely, and around the clock. The reporter introduces a fiber optic monitoring system that utilizes a small, almost invisible cable capable of reacting to shocks, vibrations, and pressure. With a deployment range of up to 100 kilometers, the robust fiber optic cable can be easily installed.

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The reporter highlights the perimeter intrusion detection system, housed in an outdoor case, as quickly deployable at bases or in the field. It finds applications in fixed installations for barracks, ammunition depots, or civilian facilities. The system provides clear visibility on a map, displaying alarms and events with precise locations, making it easily recognizable. The waterfall chart showcases vibrations and movements near the cable, enabling quick recognition of perimeter activities.

The fiber optic perimeter system can effectively detect intruders, triggering alarms with exact locations displayed on the map and visible on the waterfall chart. The reporter highlights the system’s reinforcement against environmental influences like snow, wind, and rain, ensuring that they do not trigger false alarms. Additionally, the cable’s durability is emphasized, being reinforced with metal and resistant to cutting, with alarms signaling any attempt to breach the perimeter.


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