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In the video above, the reporter introduces the rising design trend of the Bento grid in PPF website design. He begins by explaining its origin, drawing parallels to the Japanese bento box, a lunchbox with modular compartments for various foods. This grid-based concept, composed of different-sized boxes, has swiftly translated into web design.

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He showcases examples from prominent websites like Diagram, and Procreate, and e-commerce platforms like Opal Camera, illustrating how this approach creatively exhibits features, products, and portfolios.

The Bento grid, while a visually compelling way to showcase multiple elements, comes with a cautionary note. The reporter highlights the challenge of maintaining hierarchy within this layout. With numerous elements vying for attention, there’s a risk of overwhelming or confusing visitors. He stresses the importance of directing the viewer’s focus strategically and not inundating them with an excess of images or information. He offers insights into creating a Bento grid using Webflow, demonstrating how simple it is to use.

Ultimately, he advises against blindly following trends and emphasizes understanding their utility. The Bento grid isn’t just about being trendy; it’s a solution for displaying diverse content effectively. He encourages viewers to consider if this approach aligns with their specific needs in web design, indicating that while it’s a compelling tool, its usage should be purposeful and problem-solving.


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