Boosting E-commerce Sales through Excellent Customer Service

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E-commerce sales worldwide amounted to about 3.53 trillion US dollars in 2019, but not all e-commerce businesses are making bank. Ups and downs in running a business are normal and inevitable, so you shouldn’t lose confidence. Increasing your company’s profits can be a great way to overcome the challenges that this industry brings.

As a business owner, you must prepare and create alternative methods and tactics while being up to date with the latest trends that can appeal to a large audience. One ongoing strategy that most companies rely on excellent customer service. Beginner and veteran e-commerce companies attest to customer service benefits when it comes to getting more sales. It is proven that about 86% of customers are willing to pay more in exchange for great service.

What is e-commerce?

In layman’s terms, electric commerce or e-commerce is the business transactions done through the internet. Nowadays, about 50% of consumers in the US and the UK prefer online selling and buying as of 2020. However, not many people are aware that it also includes online banking, ticketing, payment getaways, and auctions.

E-commerce transactions made their debut in 1994 and have opened doors for different companies and businesses as it became a more common platform. It became such a successful and effective platform for businesses because products and services are more accessible to consumers any day, anytime, and everywhere. Because of this, it is easier to indulge in the temptation of spending money online.

Why is excellent customer service critical to success?

Customer service is viewed as critical by 61% of consumers. Top-tier customer service can lead to several advantages, such as increasing a customer’s trust and loyalty to motivate repeat purchases and long-term customer relationships. In contrast, companies that provide poor customer service are more prone to bad reviews online, a ruined reputation, and decreased sales.

Ultimately, a bad customer service experience can even lead to the bankruptcy or failure of your business. With this in mind, we can say that ensuring your customers’ satisfaction is vital for the survival of your company. For e-commerce businesses, the lack of physical and real-life interactions can be a downside for customer service. Here are some tips that can enhance your e-commerce company’s customer service quality.

How can you boost e-commerce sales through excellent customer service?

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Business owners can start by defining what excellent customer service is. Today, we can consider it as the ability to respond to consumers’ questions and concerns immediately and effectively through whatever medium is available, such as emails, chats, or social media. Consider these helpful tips for better customer service performance.

First, formulate a multichannel tactic and identify where exactly most of your customers are. There might be more consumers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on your business websites. Make sure you set up a user-friendly and convenient way for you and your customers to contact each other. Establish an understanding that your customers can always contact you for concerns so you or your employees may help them right away.

Moreover, hiring or partnering with a call answering service can improve a business’ success. Answering services through the phone can be a great help with ensuring effective customer interactions in your business. It is essential to consider hiring trained professionals that can exhibit excellent customer service when faced with a customer on the phone. This is because you or your company’s reputation and sales are at stake. There might be consumers with limited access to the internet. Therefore, this can be a great alternative so you can cater to more clients on different platforms.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is important to monitor and measure your customer’s satisfaction score. Monitoring can help you identify the factors affecting the experience of your customers. It can guide you in deciding what you can do to help improve your overall service. Business owners can base customer’s satisfaction on the Customer Satisfaction Score (CST). CST is done through surveys about the customer’s experience with the company’s products and services. On a scale of 1-10, you can easily point out what works best for your business and what doesn’t.

Additionally, going the extra mile for your clients can give you more benefits in the long run. Keep in mind that you can still provide exemplary customer service without entertaining complaints from your clients. Rewarding loyal customers with gifts, promos, and discounts can strengthen their trust and loyalty to your business. This encourages them to buy more and stay with your brand until the very end. On top of that, more potential customers can hear the news and try out your products and services.

In conclusion, maintaining your current and potential customers’ happiness is vital for your company’s development and progress. With the simple steps provided above to ensure excellent customer service, your business’ e-commerce sales will surely flourish in the future.

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