Tips to Help You Enhance Cybersecurity in Your Company


Currently, almost every business interacts and transact with their customers through computer and data systems. However, cybersecurity issues have become a top threat to most companies. As companies use online platforms to reach more customers, there is a high risk of data breaches and other cybersecurity risks. Therefore, business owners need to know how they can improve cybersecurity in their business. Below are several ways to increase businesses’ cybersecurity.

1. Limit Access to Sensitive Information

Ensure no one outside your organization has access to access codes and passwords needed to access the company computer systems. You also need to limit the number of employees who have access to vital information about your organization.

If possible, let the employees only access the information they need to do their job. The more you allow more people in your organization to access your database, the more vulnerable your business is to cyber-attacks. According to the UK’s Information COmmissioner’s Office, human error caused 90% of all data breaches reported to the organization in 2019. The fewer people who have access to sensitive data, the less likely you’ll have someone causing a breach.

2. Screen Your Employees during Recruitment

Some companies nowadays use software to access the database of people looking for jobs. As a result, most of them don’t conduct employee background checks when recruiting them. If you want to minimize the risk of cybercrime, you need to hire competent and honest employees. The organization Diligence Infomation Security estimates that as much as 70% of all hacking in corporate settings are traced to employees.

Employees who got a criminal past are not the best to hire. If you decide to give a few of them a chance, it is advisable to limit access to vital information in the organization. Therefore, always take time to better understand your workers’ past before hiring them.

3. Create Data Storage Backups

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Data and file backup will help your organization recover information even when missing from the primary storage system. You can copy vital information and secure it on your desktop or store it in the cloud.

If your organization chooses to store data in the cloud, it is advisable to work with reputable cloud migration companies. The experts will help you know what information you can store and how to go about it. They can also guide you about the apps you can use to ensure appropriate cybersecurity measures are in place.

4. Secure Your Wi-Fi

Accessing an organization’s data and information through public Wi-Fi is an easy way to let in hackers. It is important to ensure that you have different accounts when setting up the Wi-Fi on your business premises. You can create one that can be accessed by the public and another one that you can use for business purposes only. The private one should be limited to the few employees who can access the company’s sensitive data.

5. Use Strong Passwords

If your organization uses passwords to secure data files and systems, you should avoid passwords that are easy to break. Avoid passwords that contain basic information about your company; they can increase the chances of being a victim of cyber-attacks.

Password plays an essential part in computer security, and your firm should have a policy about the organization’s password. The policy will enable the organization to create strong passwords, protect them, and regularly change them.

6. Train and Educate Your Employees

Your organization needs to invest in training and educating their employees about cybersecurity. Emphasize the importance of not breaching the organization’s rules about data and information security. It would help if you also guided them on what to do after a data security breach.

Having a great cybersecurity system for your organization should be collaborative efforts between your employees and the organization’s IT department. Make sure you create awareness about cyber threats and pay attention to these tips for the best results.

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