What Essential Oils Do You Need at Home and How to Store Them Properly

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Aromatherapy has slowly been gaining popularity for the past years, and a significant increase was observed recently. This is probably because since most of us adopted a remote work setup, we wanted to make sure that our homes do not become a source of stress. Using essential oils has proven to be beneficial in making us feel calm and relaxed. If you wish to enjoy the advantages of aromatherapy, this article will help you out.

The Five Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

There are lots of different types of essential oils used in aromatherapy, and each of them triggers a different physiological response in us. If you want to practice aromatherapy at home for whatever purpose you seem it may help you with, then you need to learn about the five essential oils that are most commonly used in this activity. On the other hand, you can also take this to the next level and grow your own plants to extract their oils. This is possible, especially if you have the space at home. Just know where to purchase a shipping container farm, and you can guarantee that you’ll never run out of essential oils.


This essential oil is arguably the most popular among all the oil types there is. It is perhaps because you can use lavenders for a variety of purposes. Whether you need relief from your headache or just want to relax at home, the medicinal application and aroma of lavender essential oil will get the job done.


This essential oil is more frequently used for relaxation. This is furthered by the fact that frankincense essential oil is used for meditational exercises. Even if you’re not using it for meditation, the aroma of frankincense can make your home smelling fresher while also cleansing the air. It works as a perfect substitute for incense, only without the downside of smoke.


If you want something that gives out a more minty scent, the peppermint essential oil should be in your arsenal. Just the aroma of this essential oil can promote an uplifting vibe and significantly improve your focus. It is a great option when you need a solitary aura while doing tasks that involve mental energy.

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You’ve probably heard of rosemary before because this type of plant extract is widely used for promoting healthier hair. Nonetheless, the beneficial effects of this plant extract are also popular in aromatherapy. Rosemary essential oils give out a fresh aroma that’s great for stimulating the body, mind, and spirit.

Sweet Orange

We’ve all experienced that insatiable hunger for fruit every time someone near us peels a fresh orange. Luckily, there’s an essential oil for that! Sweet orange essential oil is a must-have for those who need a lively aroma in their homes. Also known as the “happy oil,” this essential oil gives out a citrus aroma that promotes a happy, uplifting vibe.

Proper Essential Oil Storage Guide

If you want to keep enjoying the benefits that you get from essential oils, you must take care of them properly as much as they take care of you. Essential oils are delicate products, and a proper understanding of how to store them is necessary. While different types of essential oils may also have different stability, it’s still important that you follow the proper guidelines on essential oil storage.

Keep the Bottle Lid Tightened

Having your essential oil mixed with oxygen or water will significantly decrease its shelf-life. That’s why you must keep the lids of the bottles properly tightened. It will help your essential oil maintain its consistency and therapeutic properties.

Do Not Store in Plastic Bottles

Do not even think about storing your essential oils in plastic bottles. Most, if not all, essential oils are extremely concentrated. If stored in plastic bottles, sooner or later, it will eat up or even melt the plastic. Glass bottles are always the way to go.

Avoid Hot Storage Spaces

If you want your oil to stay in its topmost quality, avoid storing it in hot and humid places, especially those receiving direct sunlight. Even if it’s properly tightened or stored in glass bottles, receiving excess heat and sunlight will slowly deteriorate the oil’s composition. Make sure to keep it in dry, room temperature areas.

Aromatherapy is definitely one of the best practices you can do to keep your home healthy, vibrant, and comfortable. You just need to make sure that the essential oil you’re using promotes the physiological effect you’re aiming for. Furthermore, always remember that essential oils need to be stored properly. Otherwise, you might end up with a few bottles of useless oil.

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