How Technology Affects the Future of Dentistry

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Visiting the dentist has become traumatizing for adults and children. Because of dental drills, big needles, and poor results, people slowly integrated the dental office as a source of discomfort and pain.

But this is the modern era, and many dental practices have significantly changed.

The common fear and trauma with dentists have encouraged the dental industry to find solutions to reduce discomfort and offer a better experience for patients. Because of technology, a visit to the dentist isn’t so scary anymore. It will now give you a more pleasant experience, changing your views about dental procedures forever.

Individualized Procedures

Before you even receive treatment, dentists use advanced technology, tools, and equipment to give you a premium experience. Your comfort and relaxation are now on their top priorities next to positive results and outcomes.

Remember, in choosing a dental office, go for clinics that provide individualized procedures to cater to your every need as a patient.

Electronic Dental Records

Modern dental clinics are now saying goodbye to physical documents and welcoming a more environmentally friendly approach using electronic health records. You no longer need to explain every single detail about your health to your dentist. With the help of technology, they can pull out any significant health records under your name to give you the proper treatment.

The benefits don’t end there. Electronic dental records also help dentists better explain to their patients why they need specific treatments. It also allows them to collect information regarding insurance claims and referrals.

Comfortable Facility

When a dental clinic claims that they offer complete comfort, they mean it. Dental clinics are no longer “scary-looking” and intimidating. Their environment has drastically changed over the years to give patients a more comfortable feeling.

Modern technology has helped a lot in achieving a relaxing and comforting dental office vibe. For instance, many dental offices these days have:

  • Artistic waiting areas
  • Couches with massage features
  • Headphones
  • Televisions, iPad, and gaming tools
  • Blankets

Advanced and Modern Dental Equipment

The use of technology in the field of dentistry is beneficial for dentists too. Their tools, machines, and equipment are more advanced than they ever were. True, they still need an oil-less air compressor to use their equipment, but their performance is much more reliable and accurate these days.

How does this benefit you as a patient? If your dentist uses advanced dental equipment, he can give you better treatment and finish the procedures with much ease. As a result, the odds of disappointing results decrease.

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LED Headlamps

Another advantage brought by technology to the dental industry is the use of LED headlamps. You will notice your dentist and his assistants wearing dental loupes. This equipment is not just ordinary dental glasses. It’s equipped with an LED headlamp with magnifying features, allowing your dentist to see the inside of the mouth better.

Oral Cameras

There used to be a time when dentists solely relied on dental X-rays and what their eyes see. But that time is long gone. Dentists these days use intraoral cameras to get a precise, fast, and better image of the mouth.

Intraoral cameras are digital cameras installed in a pen-like device. It gives your dentist a better picture of what’s going on inside your mouth. Thus, making the diagnostic processes faster. What’s excellent about oral cameras is that it provides real-time images and videos of your gums, teeth, and the entire mouth condition, including cavity build-up and cracks.

Modern Screening Tech

Technology has also helped dentists spot potential dental complications before they even occur. With the use of screening equipment and digital scanning, your dentist can recognize even the tiniest cavities, oral cancer, and gum disease.

This technology is particularly helpful as early detection is vital for a successful treatment. The earlier your dentist spot the potential dental problems, the earlier he can prevent them and the better your dental experience.

3D Imaging

The time of uncomfortable and awkward impressions is long gone. You no longer need to bite slimy, gooey, and bitter material t get an imitation for a bridge or crown. 3D imaging technology has changed the game.

The 3D imaging system can take a thousand HD images within a minute. What it does is stitch those images together to make a 3D portrayal of your mouth. Aside from patient comfort, it also helps the dentist give a more accurate diagnosis and prevent dental issues.

If you used to be scared of going to the dentist, remember that a lot has changed in dentistry nowadays. Your traumatic experience as a child is long gone, and you will never experience that kind of discomfort ever again. So put your fears aside and talk to your dentist if you need help.

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