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It’s common these days to go on social media and see people with a following using their platform to spread misinformation that you would want to ask yourself, “Why is this happening?” It’s unbelievable how there is an anti-vaccine and anti-mask movement when the whole world wants to get on with their lives and finally allow this pandemic to end. Of course, there’s also the flat-earth movement and the climate change deniers.

It is preposterous how in this day and age when you can do your research simply by just clicking on a few buttons on your devices, and there are still people living like it is the Stone Age. This absurdity is why education is vital so that we won’t have another generation who thinks they are thinking by questioning science. But all they do is to prove that science still has a long way to go; that science is not something people can challenge after spending 20 minutes watching some unfounded post some incel made on their YouTube channel.

So get your college admission requirements ready and check out these science degrees worth your consideration. It’s time to take science seriously so that the next generation would have lesser people who think they know better than scientists and science-backed data.

Science Degrees That Should Be On Your Radar

1. Health Science

Even before the pandemic, healthcare has always been a vital part of people’s lives, but it became more relevant as the health crises had the whole world down on its knees. It is a growing industry, and the world’s needs for healthcare will only continue to grow, especially with the aging population, and if worse comes to worst, another pandemic will happen again. So considering a health science degree should be a rewarding choice, especially as the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that the demand for healthcare professionals will have a 16% growth from 2020 to 2030.

2. Robotics

Degrees in Robotics are interdisciplinary, allowing you to learn and expand your knowledge about robots and how they work. Getting this kind of degree would land you a job in different companies with jobs ranging from researchers, programmers, testing technicians, and more.

Artificial Intelligence is a dominating technology in the modern world that 86% of CEOs say it is a mainstream and necessary aspect of their business in 2021. This figure only shows that earning a degree in Robotics wouldn’t just be beneficial for your knowledge, but it would also secure a promising future for you.


3. Computer Science

If you consider yourself someone with skills and talents in math and software development, you should consider earning a degree in Computer Science. This degree would secure a job for you as an IT consultant, computer hardware engineer, web developer, app developer, software developer, computer systems analyst, information security analyst, database administrator, and many more.

The computer science industry is growing and will only continue to do so as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, projecting a faster than average 13% growth, at least until 2026. You might spend a lot of time in front of computers and programming, but you can be sure that the fulfillment, knowledge, and money are flowing in constantly.

4. Chemistry

Sustainability and renewable energy are hot topics these days as the climate crisis continues to become a life-threatening—maybe even existence-threatening—problem that is becoming almost next to impossible to solve without any massive solutions. But you can make a difference today if you decide to study chemistry with the purpose of specializing in sustainable and renewable energy. Additionally, you can also specialize in related fields like biochemistry, bioinformatics, forensic science, chemical engineering, and more. Studying any of these would equip you with the knowledge that you would need to possibly contribute alternative sources of energy without depleting Earth’s resources.

5. Petroleum Engineering

Besides being one the highest-paid jobs in the engineering industry, earning a degree and working as a petroleum engineer would give you extensively relevant information that the world needs now in the time of climate crisis fueled by the fossil fuel industry. This degree would provide the skills and knowledge to work with crude oil and natural gas and assess any potential reservoirs or deposits for them.

Beat Misinformation with Education

These science degrees that are beneficial to solve the growing problem of misinformation and could potentially reshape the world’s future for the better is far from being exhaustive. Some other degrees and jobs could get you the knowledge you need to make the world a better place, one day of learning at a time.

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