VoIP System: The Search for the Right Plan

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Gone are the days when the only mode of long-distance communication is paper mail delivery. Today, there are multiple innovative ways to communicate in real-time conveniently, from portable smartphones to home phone systems.

Considering that communication happens every day, all residences are in need of efficient phone systems. In line with that, a substantial number of resources claim that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems perform well in terms of factors like flexibility, features, ease of use, and cost.

The Benefits of a Residential VoIP

Private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems are the conventional types you often notice on typical office desks. They require installing a telephone, as well as a phone jack and cord, through which it will establish a connection to the service. On the other hand, VoIP phone systems are modernized versions of traditional PBX systems, which retain the latter’s great characteristics but make them available for a much lower price point.

A VoIP system is a commendable choice for small businesses and residential homes due to its affordability. For example, a review by Business.org explains that in lieu of a traditional phone line, VoIP works through a high-speed Internet connection that enables users to make and receive calls on multiple electronic devices (such as computers and smartphones) instead of being limited to a telephone. Thus, homeowners can be saved from installation fees and other additional costs that a PBX necessitates.

Not only are VoIP systems affordable, but they are also versatile. In fact, they are available with varying options for sophisticated features. However, if you want to get all the perks of a VoIP service, it’s indispensable to select a top-level provider. Aside from that, the specific residential VoIP plan must be scrutinized as well before you sign up. To help you get started, here are several questions you must ask yourself before deciding on a VoIP plan:

Can I afford it?

Person paying in cashYes, a VoIP system is more affordable than a PBX, but monthly fees vary for each plan. Set a restricted amount you’re willing to spend on a phone system to manage your personal finances. Additionally, conduct prior research and compare rates to determine which plan provides the best deal for its price. It’s also advised to check if the company you’ll be signing with has a money-back guarantee offer. Moreover, know the conditions surrounding its policy.

Do the features match my daily needs?

Evaluate your needs so you can be saved from paying for features that aren’t necessary for your daily life. For instance, unless you have a family member or loved one living abroad, chances are you won’t benefit from unlimited international call packages. Set your priorities and determine which features can you maximize the use of.

Is the plan flexible and suitable for the long term?

Select a plan that’s flexible, meaning it can be easily altered or expanded. This is important because your lifestyle demands will undergo continuous change over time. For example, you may currently be a home-based employee in need of advanced business features, but after several months, you may be asked by your boss to report in the office. Thus, you won’t need features like auto attendant or real-time video conferencing any longer.

Inquire if it’s allowable to break a contract earlier than expected so you can shift to another plan or switch deals altogether when necessary.

With numerous VoIP providers out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. However, if you diligently assess your needs and several fundamental factors, your search for the most suitable service will be fruitful.

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