Why Businesses Should Embrace ERP Integration

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Technology is once again optimizing how people run their businesses. Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a system that will consolidate all the functions of different departments in a company, and it is a technology that every entrepreneur should have.

Here are some of the most significant benefits of ERP integration:

1. A more secure network

ERP can upgrade the security of your network because every user will be given a password. In addition, every user is carefully monitored when he/she is accessing the system.

On top of that, the owner of the company can set restrictions for every user. That means low-level employees won’t be able to access some parts of the system where sensitive data is stored.

2. Increased productivity

ERP also increases productivity in the company because it can eliminate tasks that are either redundant or menial. The automation feature of ERP helps with some of the work processes of the company. This frees some of the employees from having to perform those tasks; therefore, they’ll have more time to work on other processes. A Magento ERP integration service can help you maximize the benefits of modern technology.

3. Mobility and flexibility

ERP also provides employees and employers with the ability to access the system from anywhere. This feature will enable anyone, from the CEO to the accountant, to monitor the processes of the company from any place in the world.

In addition, with just one click, anyone in the company can make the necessary adjustments in real-time in case an unforeseeable event occurs.

For example, if the company’s nature of business is importation, that means the head of operations should be on top of every incoming shipment. But what if a natural disaster (perhaps a storm) prevented the company’s shipment from reaching the destination on time? What if the operations manager happens to be on leave or outside the office?

That won’t be a problem because the operations manager would just have to access their system with the use of his mobile phone or laptop and make the necessary adjustments. In a few clicks, he could adjust the arrival date of their shipment.

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4. Integrated data

Another benefit of ERP is that all of the information involving customers and financial matters are stored there. So, if a sales manager needs to know the retail price of one of their items because he’s talking to a potential customer, he doesn’t need to look for it in the company’s price list. Rather, he just needs to access the ERP system and with a few clicks, he’ll get the information he needs.

5. Reporting

Because ERP connects every department in one system, it’s easier for managers and CEOs to be updated with the status of each department. Informing the officers of the company about the status of each department has never been easier.

6. Forecasting

ERP also enables companies to forecast their revenues more easily. Because all of the reports of every department are consolidated in one system, it’s easier to gather all those data. And ERP has programs that are capable of analyzing those data and presenting a forecast to the employers.

ERP is key to a company’s success. It can help your company automate some of your processes. It can provide you with access to your company’s data and departments from anywhere and it can help you focus more on the expansion of your business.

So, don’t run your business without it. Look for an integration system for ERP and let it help you manage your company with ease.

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